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Family Planning

The Family Welfare Programme was introduced in the state during the year 1956 and is currently focussed on population stabilization strategy and RMNCH+A strategy to reduce maternal, infant and child mortality and morbidity. Ensuring healthy timing and spacing of pregnancies is now the most important intervention affecting maternal, neonatal, child and adolescent health.

Scheme 1: Get Contraception In The Privacy Of Your Home

Home Delivery of Contraceptives (HDC) scheme :- This scheme was introduced to reduce the unmet need and improve access to contraceptives by eligible couples through distribution of contraceptives at door step of the beneficiaries by ASHAs. Started from Dec 2012.Incentive based ASHA workers are present at grass root level to facilitate this program home to home. Incentive of Rs 1 for a packet of 3 condoms, Rs 2 for a pack of 1 EC pill and Rs 1 for a pack of Mala-N is given to ASHA under this scheme. This scheme not only reduces the risk of unwanted pregnancies but also increases the usage of contraceptives for promoting healthy spacing between children.

Scheme 2: Ensuring Spacing at Birth (ESB)

Ensuring Spacing at Birth (ESB) scheme :- Asha is the closet service contact to rural women .They are good counsellors and able to influence the behaviour practices and decision making of households. Under this scheme, services of ASHA are utilized for counselling of newly married couples to ensure spacing of 2 years after marriage and couples with one child to have spacing of 3 years after the birth of 1st child. The scheme seeks to delay the birth of first child, promote healthy spacing between children and appreciate importance of small family. (Started in State in 2015-2016) For the efforts of ASHA for counselling the couple and ensuring spacing the following incentives are paid to her under the scheme.

  • ASHA would be paid Rs 500/- for ensuring spacing of 2 years after marriage
  • Asha would be paid Rs 500 for ensuring spacing of 3 years after the birth of 1st child

Scheme 3: To Know Early and Act Early

Pregnancy testing Kits (PTK) :- The scheme enables the beneficiaries to access the pregnancy testing kits through Asha and other health facilities including sub-centers for early detection of pregnancy, early registration for antenatal care or for adoption of safe abortion services in time if pregnancy is unwanted.PTK are a part of the ASHAs drug kit and are distributed free of cost at the door step in the field by ASHA.

Scheme 4: To Help in Hour of Need

Family Planning Indemnity Scheme (FPIS):- It is uniformly applicable w.e.f 1st April 2013. It indemnifies all acceptors of sterilization and doctors conducting sterilization operation in both public and accredited private /NGO sector health facilities for unlikely events of death /complication /failure following sterilization operations. The scheme encourages people to adopt permanent method of Family Planning.
The available benefits under the family planning Indemnity scheme are:
Section Coverage Limits
Section I (A-D): For Beneficiaries
1A Death following sterilization (inclusive of death during process of sterilization operation) in hospital or within 7 days from the date of discharge from the hospital Rs. 2 Lakh
1B Death following sterilization within 8 - 30 days from the date of discharge from the hospital Rs. 50,000
1C Failure of sterilization Rs. 30,000
1D Cost of treatment in hospital and up to 60 days arising out of complication following sterilization operation (inclusive of complication during process of sterilization operation) from the date of discharge Actual not exceeding Rs. 25,000
Sector II : Empanelled Doctors under Public and Accredited Private/NGO Sector and Health Facilities under Public and Accredited Private/NGO
II Indemnity coverage up to 4 cases of litigations per doctor and per health facility in a year Upto Rs. 2 Lakh per case of litigation
*Under Section I the coverage limits for all categories (A-D) have been doubled. All Failure/Complication/Death occurring due to sterilization operations (Male or Female) conducted after date of notification ie 3rd April 2019 will be eligible for double compensation

Scheme 5: Serving For Clients Satisfaction

Centrally sponsored scheme since 1981 where Government provides compensation for loss of wages to beneficiary, service provider and motivator. Loss of wages to the beneficiaries is tried to be compensated with this incentive, the extra work done by the provider apart from her usual work is given incentive and Motivator for putting extra work for ensuring the procedure ( sterilization, spacing methods) and client satisfaction.

Incentives for Limiting Methods:
  • Rs. 1500 per case for Vasectomy in Private and Rs 1000 in Public.
  • Rs. 1000 per case for Tubectomy in BPL cases
  • Rs. 650 per case for Tubectomy for General Category
Free Drop Back Facility to Sterilization Clients:- Empanelled vehicles drop back clients at their home after sterilization operation. This scheme is in order to promote permanent methods of sterilization after completion of family size.

Incentives for Spacing:

Post-Partum Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device (PPIUCD):-State is promoting PPIUCD as it is seen as a opportunity to provide mothers with a safe contraceptive measure before discharge form hospital and take care of the worries on unwanted pregnancy. Incentive of Rs 150 is given to the provider, for providing PPIUCD services. ASHA is given Rs.150 for mobilising the client and compensation of Rs 300 is given to the client. (Started in State in 2017-18)

Post-Abortion Intra Uterine Contraceptive Device (PAIUCD):- State is focussing towards PAIUCD to promote safe abortion service and reduce maternal mortality. Incentive of Rs 150 is given to the provider, for providing PAIUCD services. ASHA is given Rs.150 for mobilising the client and compensation of Rs 300 is given to the client. (Started in State in 2017-18) .

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